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2018 Woodlands Swim Team & Kermit Registration

Welcome to 2018 Woodlands Swim Team & Kermit Registration

The tables below provide 2018 pricing information for both swimmer athletes and Kermit's Pals.  Our Kermit's Pals program is a swim team readiness program for younger children new to swim team.  The program often fills up quickly and priority is given to Cabana Club members who may also take advantage of our Summer Kermit's program which begins in June.

WST team participation requires  Woodlands Cabana Club Family membership with the exception of swimmers aged 15-18 and Kermits that decide not to move to the team or WST Summer Kermit program.

*Indicates Woodlands Cabana Club Family membership is required
WST Membership Description Cost
Kermit's Pals A swim team readiness, 5 week lesson program for children aged 4 to 10 (runs Monday - Thursday, 4/9/18 - 5/10/18) $345.00
Youth Swimmer * All WST athletes age 14 and below $295.00 1st & 2nd swimmer / $245.00 each additional
Member Swimmer 15-18 * All WST athletes age 15-18 with Cabana Club Membership $150.00
Non-Member Swimmer 15-18 All WST athletes age 15-18 without Cabana Club Membership $250.00 ($150 + $100 club fee

Woodlands Cabana Club Membership fees are listed below.

Cabana Club Membership Fee Description Cost
Cabana Club Family Membership Any household with 3+ members $600.00
Cabana Club New Member Initiation One time fee is paid over 2 years $200.00
Maintenance Levy A yearly fee payable by all Cabana Club members $150.00

Based on your WST registration selections you will be automatically registered for Woodlands Cabana Club membership. There is no need to register a second time with Cabana Club registration for WST families.

Parent/Guardian Information

At least one parent/guardian registration is required.
New accounts will be sent an email confirmation message with instructions to setup a password.

At least one parent/guardian email address must be provided.
Check the boxes to indicate which parent/guardians should receive team-wide emails.

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Athlete Information

Enter the information for each athlete being registered below. At least one Athlete registration is required.

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WST T-Shirt Size Selection

Please indicate the t-shirt size of your WST Swimmer(s). These will be used for the WST team shirt that will be handed out at the beginning of the season and any potential future shirts. Sizing: Adult XL,L,M,S Youth L,M,S. *

Full Release and Indemnification Agreement

For and in consideration of my swimmer’s/ swimmers’ participation in the Woodlands Cabana Club Swim Team Program and other value considerations, the undersigned parent or guardian consents to his/ her swimmer/s competing in or participating in all scheduled and unscheduled events, practice, or age group activities for or with the Woodlands Swim Team and releases the Woodlands Swim Team and the Woodlands Cabana Club, their members, officers, employees, and Board of Directors, from any liability or claim resulting from any accident or injury sustained by the swimmer/s during or coming to or from said events, and we further agree to indemnify and assure all expenses, costs, attorney fees and losses from said injury or accident to said swimmer/s and hold said Woodlands Swim Team and the Woodlands Cabana Club, their members, officers, employees, and the Board of Directors free and harmless therefrom.

Enter your initials to indicate acceptance: *
Participation Agreement

Swimmers will be INELIGIBLE to swim if:

  • Parents/Guardians do not work their quota of jobs, (Note: A $100 Job Escrow check is collected at the time of registration. This check will be cashed only if a job requirement is policy is not followed.)
  • Complete registration and payment (or payment agreement) has not been submitted.

 * No refunds will be provided after Time Trials May 20, 2018

Woodlands Cabana Club Waiver


In consideration of Woodlands Cabana Club’s (“WCC”) consent to the registering family (“Family”) and its members, child(ren) and guests to participate in WCC swim lessons, Woodlands Swim Team, and/or to generally use the WCC pool and facility, including any social activities (“WCC Programs”), the undersigned parent(s) or guardian(s) of the above-named Family, on behalf of themselves, their children/family members and guests, acknowledge and understand the nature of the activities and the associated risks of participation in the WCC Programs and use of WCC pools and facilities. I/we hereby release, hold harmless, and forever discharge WCC and its members, officers and employees from any and all injuries and damages to the Family, its members, child(ren) and guests and/or their property in connection with their participation in WCC Programs or use of the WCC pool, and facilities, or going to or coming from WCC.

The undersigned also agree to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless, WCC and its members, officers, and employees from all claims, expenses, costs, attorney’s fees and losses arising from or connected with any injury or damage to person or property so long as such injury or damage arises from or is connected with acts or omissions of the Family, any of its members, and/or child(ren) and guests in connection with their participation in WCC Programs and/or their use of the WCC pool and facilities, excepting only such loss, damage, cost, expense, or liability that is caused by the sole negligence or willful misconduct of WCC and/or its members, officers, or employees.

Enter your initials to indicate acceptance: *
Photo/Image Release

I agree that the photographers and the Woodlands Swim Team may publish portraits (video or still) of myself or my child(ren) for any lawful purpose associated with the team, including publicity, illustration, marketing, and web content. Images will typically contain more than two individuals; no names will be associated with the images, and no financial compensation will be provided. This release is valid for images initially published within one year of this consent, though the images may be reused after initial publishing.

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